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Sensor with L-shaped sealing ring

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article image Krohne’s Variflux 6000

KROHNE has released the Variflux 6000 featuring a unique L-shaped sealing ring with a uni-directional trapezoidal lip. Unlike regular O-rings, this eliminates the problem of bacteria growth by preventing expansion of the rubber seal into the measuring tube.

The sealing ring was developed in close co-operation with the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) together with customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is suitable for a broad variety of duties from ultra-precise batching to flow measurement in large-scale production plants. It boasts an ultra-smooth measuring tube liner made from FDA-approved Teflon-PFA, which allows for easy and effective cleaning and prevents the build up of bacteria.

The liner is chemically and mechanically extremely stable and has been proven in more than 100,000 Krohne electromagnetic flowmeters. It is completely CIP and SIP proof, and all wetted parts of the meter are made exclusively from FDA-approved materials.

The fully welded stainless steel housing is designed for easy cleaning and ensures high resistance to corrosive attack from even the most aggressive cleaning agents. All other parts of the meter in contact with the flow are also manufactured from sterile materials such as stainless steel adapters and Hastelloy C4 or stainless steel electrodes.

The measuring tube liner is reinforced with a stainless steel mesh which guarantees accurate results even under varying pressure and temperature conditions and provides full vacuum resistance up to process temperatures of 180°C. Calibration on test rigs with less than 0.03% uncertainty contributes to the high accuracy and repeatability of the meter.

Variflux 6000 meters are available in an extensive range of sizes thus allowing a full-scale of flow rates from a few litres/h to 750m³/h.

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