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Innovative hygienic food and beverage flowmeter

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article image The Variflux 6000 -- crevice-free.

KROHNE's Variflux 6000 measures the flow of ongoing and outgoing food or beverage product. From ultra-precise batching to flow measurement in large-scale production plants, Variflux 6000 boasts an ultra-smooth tube liner made from FDA-approved Teflon PFA, which allows complete CIP and SIP.

The measuring tube liner is reinforced with a stainless steel mesh which ensures maximum stability and highest accuracy under varying pressure and temperature conditions.

Variflux 6000 has been designed such that there is no place for bacteria to settle, making it suitable for use in production of cheese, yoghurt, sugar syrups, milk, beer, soft drinks, juices, and more.

To prevent contamination from the different products flowing through the meter, the virgin PFA lining makes sticking almost impossible and cleaning extremely easy and efficient. The surface retains its non-stick properties longer than ever, while the surface itself will not support bacterial growth.

Between the flow head and connectors, Variflux 6000 features a unique L-shaped sealing-ring with a uni-directional trapezoidal lip which, unlike regular O-rings, eliminates the problem of bacterial growth by preventing expansion of the rubber seal into the measuring tube.

With the sealing ring uncompressed, the trapezoidal form is clearly visible. When the meter is fitted however, and the sealing ring is compressed at room temperature, the greatest compression pressure is at the measuring tube end of the seal, forcing the seal to expand only into the expansion chamber.

When the temperature is elevated with the meter fitted and the sealing ring compressed, the compression chamber is almost completely filled. The seal does not bulge excessively into the measuring tube.

The O-ring compresses and expands into the pipe where it is worn away by solids in the measured product. O-rings also make it more difficult for CIP and SIP as the material extrudes and creates crevices in which bacteria can grow.

Variflux 6000 has FDA, 3A, EHEDG, approvals. The Variflux 6000 offers crevice-free design, unique sealing and gasket construction and can therefore withstand SIP/CIP cleaning cycles for years on end.

Variflux 6000 comes with the full range of "bolt on" hygienic food and beverage connectors commonly found, for easy integration into existing installations. Variflux 6000 can communicate to Hart, Profibus-PA or Foundation Fieldbus systems.

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