KORE Wireless

KORE Wireless is the world’s largest dedicated provider of cwllular and satellite Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless data networks. 

KORE Wireless feature GSM-based, cellular M2M communications services available in over 170 countries.


Supplier news
27/01/15 - KORE Wireless has entered into a strategic partnership with TCAM Technology Pte Ltd of Singapore to promote its cellular M2M solutions.
Supplier news
14/11/14 - KORE Wireless Group announces that ABRY Partners has acquired a majority interest in the company.
Supplier news
01/08/14 - World-leading M2M wireless network provider KORE Wireless is joining the upcoming MobileTech 2014 conference as a sponsor and an exhibitor.
Supplier news
28/04/14 - KORE Wireless has entered into a partnership with Robustel Technologies to deliver a range of industrial M2M solutions.

Contact KORE Wireless

KORE Wireless (Head office) Update these details
61A Stubbs Street
VIC 3031
Tel: 1300 005 673

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