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Karl Deutsch releases 1090 flaw detector for maintenance purposes

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Karl Deutsch has released the lightweight, 155g 1090 flaw detector, available for maintenance purposes.

The wall thickness gauge is able to measure all sound-conductive materials, including steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass and ceramics. A few drops of fluid are applied to the location on the work piece where the measurement is to be made, the probe is then attached and able to read thickness or sound velocity. Automatic switch-off occurs after the device has been used.

The gauge can be operated one-handed and has a flexibly power supply, serially equipped with 2 alkali manganese primary cells for than 200hrs continuous or 1 -2 years stand-by operation. Alternatively, rechargeable batteries can be used for long term use.

Probe has a measuring range of 0.7 – 400mm steel, and is standard for short-time use of up to 200C. The control/display illumination is automatically switched on when the probe is safely coupled to the workpiece with limit value indication and alarm mode, therefore functioning as a reliable coupling control.

Adjustment, even in the case of unknown sound velocity, is available at 300-19,999m/s, and the transmitter/receiver (T/R) technique allows optimum procedure for corroded inside surfaces.

Two gauges are available from Karl Deutsch, with and without coupling. Both instruments are delivered in a transport case, including batteries, 100ml couplant and handling instructions.

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