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Volumetric normal pressure filling system

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KHS Pacific ’s Innofill NV is a volumetric normal pressure filling system that uses the free-flow filling principle. No part of the filling valve touches the bottle mouth, ensuring the highest microbiological and hygienic safety and making the system suitable for bottling non-carbonated products in plastic bottles.

Volumetric filling via electromagnetic inductive flowmeter ensures very precise filling volumes with significant product saving potential, and is suitable for both non-carbonated water and fruit juice, as well as other non-carbonated beverages.

This system can also be equipped with weighing cells when bottling products that are not electrically conductive or when filling containers by weight.

Short conversion times for product and bottle changeover additionally ensure high system availability on a wide front. At the same time, the filling valve can be used for different bottle sizes without changing parts.

A gas lock enables products containing pulp, cereals and other large chunks to be processed.

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