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Keg washing and racking machine

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article image Reliably returns and rejects flawed and/or defective kegs.

KHS Pacific ’s Innokeg Contikeg is a continuous-operation keg washing and racking machine with a handling capacity range from 300 to 1500 kegs an hour.

The system combines the pre-washing, main washing, and racking steps on one continuous operation carousel-principle platform. The range is able to process beer, wine, soft drinks, water and juices. For those customers who rack a wide variety of products, CIP caps offer fully automatic and thorough sanitising prior to product changeover.

Both the Contikeg racker and the Contikeg washer are equipped with an automatic system that reliably returns and rejects flawed and/or defective kegs. A pressure check, carried out before the washing and racking process, checks to ensure that the containers rest absolutely correctly on the treatment head.

The pre-washers and main washers operate with an intermittent spray– the most efficient washing technology available for kegs. This washing technique achieves the highest hydro-mechanical effect on the interior surfaces of the kegs and guarantees top washing quality and maximum microbial safety. Additional safety checks constantly check the microbial purity of each container.

Up to three different cleaning media can be used for pre-washing and main washing: Cold or mixed water, caustic, and/or acid. Culinary steam is used to sterilise interior keg surfaces while the Direct Flow Control Pro racking system racks products gently.The KHS Till Innokeg Contikeg can be equipped with the MIS Keg Line Intelligence (KLI) application for direct access to all line components and complete transparency throughout all product processes.

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