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Innopal PBL palletizing robots from KHS Pacific

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article image Innopal PBL palletizing robots from KHS Pacific

KHS Pacific introduces the Innopal PBL palletizing robots with level compensation.

These innovative two column palletizing robots are the cost-effective solution for the layer-by-layer stacking of pallets with inserted liners or inverted trays for the low and medium capacity range. The product range covers a variety of non-refillable containers including plastic beverage crates, cartons, trays, shrink-wrapped packs, individual small packages and bags.

Thanks to the compact and modular design of the Innopal PBL palletizing robots,  the grouping station can easily be dispensed with by combining the layer pusher and the row pusher, for example.

The Innopal PBL's robot axes are all freely programmable and, together with the simple and reliable technology, guarantee that all the usual tasks are processed safely – tailor-made for the requirements of the medium-sized business.

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