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High and low capacity palletiser

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article image The fully automatic Innopal PL 1 BSN gantry palletiser.

A PALLETISER capable of processing up to 150 layers an hour has been developed by KHS especially for small and medium sized businesses.

A special feature of the two-column Innopal PBL 1 N1 gantry-type palletiser is a new layer pusher that has been extended in the direction of the full pack conveyor.

This way, the layer pusher is able to take over the task of the row pusher to set up layer formations and palletise simultaneously.

Less space required and increased performance are the advantages of this new design in contrast to conventional methods.

The fully automatic Innopal PL 1 BSN gantry palletiser is the new development in the high-capacity range. The gantry-type palletiser operates with a pallet elevator and a two-piece loading plate at a maximum output of 430 layers an hour.

A great advantage of using a two-piece loading plate is the less friction created when the products are discharged to the pallets over the two-piece loading plate. This means gentle handling of sensitive products, a so very important aspect even in the high-capacity range.

New palletising solutions equally suitable for processing cartons, trays, shrink-packs, and plastic crates are available for the low as well as high capacity range. Possible areas of application include the food and beverage trade as well as the chemical industry.

All of the advantages of the modular design KHS dry area concept are apparent in both new developments. Thus, only toothed belts are used to generate horizontal and vertical movement.

Aside from decreasing the noise level, this means low-maintenance and gentle-to-materials processing.

The modular design of the mechanical parts and the plug and socket connections of the electrical equipment contribute toward reducing the time required for installation and ensure fast replacement or addition of individual modules as needed.

Using servomotors means short cycle times and high performance coupled with exact adherence to so very important positioning accuracy.

KHS implements PC-based controls in its ultra-modern modular dry area concept. Only a single intelligence is used to not only coordinate the servo-axles but also control the peripheral components and provide facilities for machine visualisation via VGA monitors.

Interface problems are now a thing of the past. The PC-based control exactly pinpoints problem areas.

Teleservice can be used without difficulty in combination with the PC-based control of all dry area components. The experts at KHS' headquarters can thus provide quick support on request.

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