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article image The Innoket Roland 20/5 H - VD makes it possible to apply pressure-sensitive, wrap-around labels.

KHS has introduced a new generation of Innoket Roland 20/5 H - VD labellers, claiming to set new standards in the field of labelling technology.

The machine operates with two wet-glue labelling stations and two pressure-sensitive labelling stations. Wet-glue and pressure-sensitive labelling can be combined as required.

A highlight of the new generation of labellers is the capability of processing wrap-around labelling of pressure-sensitive labels. This is made possible by the Innoket Vario-Drive - the electronic bottle turret control.

The container turret, motor, and the electronics create a single plug & play unit. Individual bottle rotation is geared entirely to the bottle format and style of dressing. A camera system senses optical signals to provide precise labelling results.

The exact labelling process stored in the computer for each bottle style is ready for retrieval at the push of a button for effortless and variable adaptation to new container shapes and dressings.

The Innoket 20/5 H - VD is a generation of labellers that for the first time is capable of handling such a wide range of tasks.

The 20-bottle-turret model Innoket Roland 20/5 H - VD can be equipped with four labelling stations. A larger 30-turret model labeller, for example, is available if more than four labelling stations are required.

Aside from pressure-sensitive and wet-glue labelling stations, it is also possible to integrate hot-melt labelling stations in the Innoket Roland 20/5 H - VD for application of loose plastic as well as paper labels.

Besides glass bottle labelling and labelling of contour glass containers, the Innoket Roland 20/5 H - VD can also process plastic containers.

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