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Flash pasteurisation system

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article image Flash pasteurisation systems offer exemplary control and documentation.

KHS Pacific ’s flash pasteurisation systems ensure reliable destruction of micro-organisms and inactivation of enzymes. The product range covers pasteurisation of beer, soda pop, non-carbonated drinks and pulp-free juices (flash pasteurisation with plate heater) and pulpy juices (flash pasteurisation with tubular heat exchanger).

Pasteurisation of all beverages is controlled continuously and with high precision. This is aided by the buffer tank between the heater and the filler, which deals with both the optional temperature and output-controlled PU control as well as compensation of fluctuating filling and discharge quantities. Due to their continuous production statistics, flash pasteurisation systems offer exemplary control and documentation. The result is consistent product quality.

Flash pasteurisation systems are designed based on temperature, time, type of organisms, micro-organism population, type, and composition of the beverage. Various levels of heat recovery can be used to optimise energy cost savings.

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