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Computer-controlled filling system

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article image Fills plastic bottles with beer.

KHS has released the Innofill DRS-ZMS/S filling system. It is a computer-controlled, short-tube filler designed for filling plastic bottles with beer.

Depending on the size of the plastic bottle, the CO2 consumption using the Innofill DRS-ZMS/S is between 400g/hL and 800g/hL. It also has an oxygen pickup level of between 0.02mg/L and 0.03mg/L.

The filling valves are designed so that the purging process steps are carried out completely separately from the filling process steps.

Plastic bottles are purged with CO2 by means of a hollow tube probe, which is comprised of an outer tube, an inner tube and an insulated segment. The gas flow can be regulated according to the bottle size and shape. The purging probe is adjustable at the push of a button.

The purging process of the Innofill DRS-ZMS/S is a closed process that presses the bottle mouth against the filling valve. Excess CO2 therefore does not escape directly to the atmosphere but is discharged under control through a separate channel.

The system can also be used to bottle beer in glass.

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