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KGB Security's alarm detection systems enhances building security

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article image Passive infrared sensors in KGB's alarm detection equipment range

KGB Security  offers a variety of alarm detection equipment suitable for commercial and manufacturing industries, each designed to enhance specific building security needs.

KGB offers the following alarm detection equipment:

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors and microwave sensors

PIR sensors activate when an object crosses one of the infrared beams that the sensor emits. Microwave sensors use the same principles as radar and send out a pulse of energy to measure the returning value.

Benefits of these alarm sensors:

  • covers a wide variety of angles and areas
  • sensors can distinguish between animals and humans - to ensure animals do not set off alarms

Glass-break detectors      

Glass-break detectors 'listen' for the frequency of breaking glass. This alarm detection product is suitable for businesses which are concerned with breaking and entering.

Reed switches

Reed switches open or close an electrical circuit. They are most often connected to the tops of doors and work with the help of a positioned magnet. When a door is triggered open, the alarm is set off.  

Vibration or seismic sensors

Vibration or seismic sensors can be fitted to specific equipment such as a safe or a specific location such as the brick wall protecting the safe. When excessive movement is detected an alarm is set off.  

Digital camera detectors

Modern CCTV and digital cameras can now be used to trigger an alarm when movement is detected by the devices.


  • can be programmed to only trigger if a particular pixelated area is detected
  • cameras can be placed near busy roads -  the camera will ignore passing traffic and only trigger the alarm when something happens near the door

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