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Chubb Safes is a known safe company throughout the world, and the name dates back to 1818 when the Chubb brothers began making safes. There are many safes sold on the market today, however, having sighted documented evidence of the rigorous testing conducted on Chubb safes, the product being sold is everything and more the Chubb name has come to stand for.

When purchasing a safe, it is critical to research firstly, the types of safes available and then choose the one that suits the needs. Today, Chubb safes is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gunnebo group, with safe manufacturing plants in 9 countries, producing some 300 varieties of safes from home safes right up to bankers safes.

The Chubb Europa grade 3 & 5 both comply with AS/NZS3809:1998, which is the Australian standard for security safes and strongrooms. It is also worth noting that as of October 2006, the Chubb Europa is the only safe sold in Australia, which complies with the standard. Chubb safes are also manufactured to meet the various ratings that are required by both consumers and insurance companies.

Fire safes and cabinets should also have passed a relevant fire test, however, it is rare that these safes offer much in the way of theft resistancy and some can be opened with little more than a can opener.

Safes are generally sold under 4 categories:
Security Containers – home safes, business safes and jewellery safes
Record protection cabinets – fire resistant filing cabinets, etc
Data protection cabinets – for protecting tape backups, etc
Specialist safes – e.g. Drug safes and ATM’s, etc

Safe locks are now available with a circuit board, which can give a multitude of options such as:
Multiple users
Audit trail
Time lock
Time delay
Alarm duress

Safes can also be optioned to suit every need from a specific colour scheme to multiple internal compartments, even a deposit draw through an external wall.

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