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Toxic and flammable gas monitor

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article image All gas levels displayed simultaneously.

CROWCON, represented in Australia by KD Fisher has released the Gasmaster control panel. The wall-mounted device displays all gas levels simultaneously on a large, multilingual LED display, allowing full system status checks at a glance.

It can monitor up to four channels, with two levels of alarm per channel, allowing it to monitor virtually any combination of flammable and toxic gas detectors, oxygen detectors and fire detectors (smoke, heat or flame).

All functions, from day to day operation to re-calibration, are done on the front panel. The device also warns when calibration is due and all inputs and outputs can be quickly tested.

All alarms and faults are recorded in an event log which can be accessed regularly to assess risks on site. Analogue outputs and RS-485 digital communications allow the control unit to be connected to PLC/DiCS/SCADA systems, a PC, a chart recorder or datalogger. An integral 85dB multitone sounder is fitted as standard. Battery backup is also provided as standard, ensuring continual protection even if the power fails.

Relays can operate in failsafe mode and all coils are actively monitored so Gasmaster can warn if a relay fails. In its alarm state both visual and audible warnings are activated. Further relays are provided to control other equipment including ventilation systems, status lights and valves, depending on the alarm state of the control unit.

Installation and maintenance is simple, with ample space for cable glands and termination of wiring.

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