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Non-isolated 40W dc/dc converters

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TRACOPOWER's new TSI-40 series, available from KD Fisher & Co , are non-isolated dc/dc converters with a wide input voltage range of 4.5V-13.6V dc and 8V-13.6V dc respectively and can deliver an output of 1V -3.3V dc at 12A and 5V dc at 8A respectively.

They come in a DIL-package with dimensions of just 51 x 26 xl0.5mm.

With a topology using synchronous rectification a very high efficiency up to 95 per cent can be achieved, which enables reliable operating temperatures up to 70°C (with forced air-cooling).

These converters feature an ultrafast transient response; remote on/off control, power good signal, sense line, and they are fully short circuit protected.

The TSI-40 is an ideal solution for a cost-effective point-of-load voltage conversion from a 5V or 12V bus voltage to virtually any lower voltage required by today's DSPs, ASICs and microprocessors.

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