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KC Tools International, with the brand names such as KC Suntech and KC Pneumatic, is a professional air tool company, providing a variety of air/pneumatic tools including: spray guns, impact wrenches, impact ratchets, die grinders, angle grinders, air dual action sanders, sanding pads, air drills, air riveters and much more.

KC Tools have a complete air tool product range.

Air regulators:
Clean, dry and lubricated air at the correct pressure is the important requirement for perfect operation of air tools. KC Tools range of air tools are designed to operate at 90 P.S.I., unless otherwise specified.

Moisture separators:
On installations where the piping system does not provide clean, dry air, the use of filters at hose connections points is recommended.

Many tools are provided with air strainers or filters. To eliminate air restriction, these strainers must be kept clean and free of obstructions. Strainers or filters should be used at each hose outlet.

Many pneumatic tools, due to weight and space limitations, do not contain built-in lubricators. Air line lubricators are recommended with all air tools.

Moisture elimination:
The amount of moisture carried by compressed air varies with the temperature. As the temperature drops after compression, water is precipitated. To eliminate as much water as possible, compressors should be equipped with intercoolers, aftercoolers and full size receivers. These should be kept drained and in good working condition.

Compressor air intake:
Locate the air intake to obtain the cool, dry and clean air possible. Intakes should be of ample size and as direct as possible. Avoid dusty or wet locations.

Piping system:
Air mains and lines should be large enough to avoid excessive pressure loss under heavy working conditions. Pipe lines should be provided with drains for trapping water, before it reaches the hose outlet. The pitch of the mains line should be in the direction of the air flow, so that gravity and air flow will carry the water to traps located at regular intervals. Provision for quick and positive inspection of operation for leakage should be made when traps are installed. Taps in the drains are usually provided for draining and inspection of water collected.

To prevent moisture from reaching the tools, down pipes or hose connections should never be taken directly from the bottom of air pipes or mains. Connections should be made at the top of the main line. Valves and hose connections should be large enough to pass the maximum amount of air required by the tool or tools on the line.

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