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Fire protection equipment from KBS Passive Fire

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KBS Passive Fire  is a well established company that provides a range of quality fire protection equipment to its clients all over Australia. Ever since its inception KBS Passive Fire has been providing quality products and services. Some of the products that are available from KBS Passive Fire are active and passive fire protection equipment. Active fire protection equipment offered by KBS Passive Fire includes extinguishing agents. These extinguishing agents from KBS Passive Fire are basically liquid agents that are marketed under the name Pyrosal.

The Pyrosal extinguishing agent from KBS Passive Fire is effective in the retardation of both class A and class B fires. This is due to the fact that the Pyrosal uses a combination of both barrier layer effect as well cooling effect of water, which results in Pyrosal forming a crust of salt over the fire and extinguishing it.

The range of industrial fireproof coatings provided by KBS Passive Fire is water based. This fireproof product has been specifically designed for the prevention of flame propagation along horizontal as well as vertical cable ways. This fireproof coating works by delaying a short circuit and can be easily applied using spray, brush or even hand. This fireproofing coating, on exposure to fire, begins to ablate due to the inherent properties.

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