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RustBlast and Rust Sealer from KBS Coatings

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KBS Coatings  offers wide range of moisture coatings and sealers including RustBlast and Rust Sealer. RustBlast provided from KBS Coatings are powerful rust remover and it comes with metal etch and zinc phosphate pre primer.

RustBlast is available in various forms including RustBlast 4 litres, RustBlast 1 litre, RustBlast 20 litres and RustBlast 250 ml bottles. RustBlast is water based rust removing solution provided by KBS Coatings.

RustBlast dissolves metal oxides, corrosion, rust and tarnishing from all kinds of metal surface. Zinc phosphate is used to coat RustBlast with metal and these are ideal for paints and primers.

RustBlast from KBS Coatings are also made with help of unique Oxygen-Block Technology. It helps in reducing the rate of flash rust and extends the rust free storage by leaving protective coating. RustBlast can be used on the surfaces of brass, aluminium, copper, steel, cast iron, steel alloys like fibreglass and also in non metallic surfaces.

Paint like substance called RustSeal is offered by KBS Coatings which is used as rust preventor and inhibitor. RustSeal when applied bonds to the rusted steel and forms non porous, hard coating surface. RustSeal works by isolating metal from moisture. The non-porous, flexible coating produced by RustSeal is resistant to abrasion and impact. RustSeal is resistant to chemicals such as alkalis, salts, acids, abrasive materials, coal dusts, solvents, fertilizers, oils and other refined petroleum products.

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