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KBS Coatings offers tank sealers

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Tank sealers are also provided by KBS Coatings . The tank sealers are of various types including motorcycle fuel tank sealer kit, motorcycle large fuel tank sealer kit, auto fuel tank sealer kit and gold standard tank sealer kit.

Motorcycle fuel tank sealer kit from KBS Coatings is a superior, single component which can be readily used. This motorcycle fuel tank sealer kit from KBS Coatings was formulated to stop rust and corrosion. The rust can be prevented by forming a tough coating which seals all the pinholes and welds the seams.

This motorcycle fuel tank sealer kit is used along with KBS AquaKlean and KBS RustBlast to obtain a permanently sealed, rust-free fuel tank. All these KBS prep products are formulated with Oxygen-Block Technology.

The Oxygen-Block Technology reduces the occurrence of flash rust and extends rust-free storage with help of protective coating. The gold standard tank sealer offered by KBS Coatings is safe to the environment and are non flammable.

KBS Coatings also offers various other products including thinners, spray guns, kit systems. The thinner from KBS Coatings are available in different forms including 1 litre, 4 litre and 20 litres.

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