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Advanced Slurry Pumping and Piping Training Course by KASA Redberg

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Slurry pumping seminars and slurry piping training courses are held infrequently around the world and many times are “too academic” to be useful to most plant or consulting engineers involved in specifying or designing slurry systems. KASA Redberg is solving this problem by once again scheduling its “Advanced Slurry Pumping and Piping” training seminar in three locations in July across Australia.

This slurry course will once again have the benefit of Professor Paul Slatter’s considerable skills and experience in the area of slurry research and numerous industry applications. Professor Slatter will specifically be presenting topics relating to the flow of settling and non-settling, non-Newtonian slurry in pipes and pipelines.

This slurry training course should appeal to all those engineers in either plant, process, sales or consulting environments who need to design, specify or supervise slurry pumps, slurry piping, slurry pipelines or ancillary devices such as slurry valves and slurry instruments.

These slurry seminars will take place in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in July 2010 and will include new slurry pump and slurry pipeline information including: slurry flow in inclined pipes; slurry piping wear rates from industry experience and slurry pump de-rating for non-settling slurries. A second round of slurry training courses has been pencilled in for November in Brisbane and Perth.

KASA’s “Advanced Slurry Pumping and Piping” training manual has also been updated and now includes over two hundred and fifty pages of slurry pumping and slurry piping training materials which should be a valuable future reference for the plant or office.

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18/06/2012 - We do outline Cave's Nomograph and the ANSI/HI standard nomograph for de-rating centrifugal slurry pumps. The ANSI/HI nomograph takes impeller diameter into consideration whereas Cave's does not. As far as we know, there is no nomograph for wear and really this would be extremely difficult to generate as it would all revolve around a multitude of variables.

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