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Trade waste water treatment from K2 Corporation

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K2 Corporation  is a company that specialises in waster water treatment and engineered water for recycling purposes. K2 Corporation is involved in the design, manufacture and installation of all kinds of turn key waste water treatments for industries such as food, dairy, oil refining, paper, paint industries and the like.

Trade waste water treatment is a major concern for K2 Corporation, as it believes in the protection of the environment. K2 Corporation also offers advice on reduction of waster water and on complete waste water treatment systems for industries.

K2 Corporation is able to provide services for sludge dewatering. Sludge dewatering is mostly applied in industrial and mining units. These systems range from the plate and frame style to the automated self discharging units.

K2 Corporation also provides belt-press dewatering solutions made of stainless steel and heavy section steel for factories. These can be purchased with 5 rollers or 7 rollers depending on the place of use. In places where higher dryness is required, the secondary zone type may be installed.

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