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Swingbin bin retention systems available from Just Wheelie Bins

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article image SwingBin bin retention systems enable litter to be disposed of without actually touching the bin

Cosset’s SwingBin is an innovative bin retention system that is offered with unique access for those with a wheelchair, walking frame, or electric scooter.

Available through Just Wheelie Bins , SwingBin bin retaining systems were developed in conjunction with disability rehabilitation groups and Local Government.

SwingBin is a hygienic street litter bin retaining system that is sealed when not in use. The user only needs to push the base of the bin by wheelchair, walking frame, foot, or motorized scooter to open and dispose of litter without having to touch the lid.

SwingBin bin retention systems can be used with the standard 120L MGB and the bin is suspended from a compact and robust frame that can be fixed to any surface via its own base plate.

When fitted to the bin retention system, garbage bins can also be opened by hand to a pre-determined width. A key lock makes litter removal fast and easy and ensures all of the benefits of the standard MGB are retained, including compatibility with existing litter removal systems.

SwingBin bin retention systems create a new standard in the disposal of public litter for the able-bodied and those with limited mobility.

Features of these bin retention systems include:

  • Provides hygienic, hands free operation
  • Lid remains closed when not in use
  • Ensures those with limited mobility can access the litter bins
  • Simplicity is ensured with the opening mechanism using only one moving part
  • Bin retention systems are available in any colour
  • Using MGB’s enables the bin to be emptied without manual lifting
  • Small footprint means the bin retention system can be easily retrofitted to existing bin sites
  • Robust construction, 3mm mild steel, undercoated, powder coated and clear coated ensures long life and reliable operation

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