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Drought Saver Water Bowsers from Just Wheelie Bins

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article image Drought Saver Water Bowsers from Just Wheelie Bins

Just Wheelie Bins supplies Drought Saver Water Bowsers, specifically designed to provide solutions for as many household water collection and recycling options as possible.

The following are some of the components of the Drought Saver Water Bowsers:

  • 25mm High quality suction hoses, coupled to a 25mm through tank fittings - designed to ensure that water can flow from washing machines without imposing extra load on washing machine pumps.
  • 90mm Stainless steel mesh water inlets in the lids to capture fresh water from downpipes and/or use the inlet for manually pouring buckets of water collected elsewhere into the Boswer without needing to open the lid. 
  • Powerful 550W submersible pumps to provide sufficient head pressure (8 metres) while not emptying the tank too quickly. 
  • Quality Hansen plumbing fittings. The 20mm outlet set is positioned towards the top of the bin to ensure the bin does not empty through the grey water hose unintentionally. Some other products on the market connect the pump to the outlet hose at the bottom of the bin - this can cause unintentional loss of all water if the hose is left lying on the ground, as there is no water resistance in the pump. 
  • 20 Metres of Quality thickwall suallage hoses, fitted with 20mm click connectors at either end, and an adjustable spray nozzle. 
  • A high quality 20mm Hansen through fittings and ball taps provided at the bottom of the Bowser so you can completely drain all water. The 20 metre sullage hose can be connected to this outlet so they no water is wasted when emptying the Bowser. 
  • The pump power lead exits the Boswer through a hole at the top rear, and is fitted with a weather seal.

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