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DIY Bowser Kits available from Just Wheelie Bins

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Just Wheelie Bins  supply DIY bowser kits suitable for use with 120 and 240 litre wheelie bins. Each kit includes a 550W dirty water submersible pump, a pump pressure relief tube, a high quality hose, and an external filter.

550W Dirty Water Submersible Pump
The 550W dirty water submersible pump included with the bowser kit has a maximum pump rate of 12,000 litres per hour, a maximum height of 7.2 metres, a maximum depth 8 metres, and a maximum grain size 35 millimetres. Automatic control is provided by an adjustable float switch. Designed as a dirty water pump (it can handle foreign particles up to 35mm in size), it is ideal for water reuse applications.

Pump Pressure Relief Tube
When the pump is operating, a large amount of water is pumped through this tube, down towards the bottom of the pump. The pump pressure relief tube provides the following benefits:

  • Hose nozzles can be turned on and off for reasonable periods of time (eg for watering different parts of the garden) without overloading the pump.
  • The constant flow of water inside the container stirs up any sediment, which is then pumped out through the filter. The container will not need cleaning due to sludge build up.
  • If a nozzle is left closed or the filter becomes blocked, and the pump activates automatically when water enters the container, sufficient water circulates through the pump and within the container to prevent overheating / over loading the pump (which would normally burn out the pump).
DIY bowser kits include a twenty metre long hose with a a diameter of 19mm. The hose is Australian-made and has a three layer construction hose that resists kinking. Also included are 19mm click fittings on each end, and an adjustable nozzle.  

External Filter
Adjustable and trigger nozzles are often become blocked with foreign particles such as lint in greywater and leaf material in rain water. The 40 mesh external filter included with the DIY bowser kit traps these particles in an easy to clean cartridge.  

Under normal use conditions, with the nozzle adjusted to form a jet, the pump provides sufficient pressure to reach 6 metres from the nozzle. Metal dome sprinklers (19mm) produce a 6 metre diameter spray pattern when attached to this kit.      

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