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Water storage bins from Just Water Savers

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Just Water Savers  supplies a wide range of hose and hose fittings such as garden hose, sprinkler, sprinkler adaptor, hose click connector, nozzle and hose joiner.

For integrated grey water system, Just Water Savers supplies Grey Water Drip Kits which can be combined with the Home Water Bowser and a specifically designed drip system.

Dripperline systems from Just Water Savers deliver a slow but accurate application of greywater throughout the soil. The system is made from flexible polyethylene tubing and is equipped with evenly spaced pre-inserted emitters. When water is pumped through the dripperline, the emitters discharge at an even slow distribution of greywater into the soil.

The drippers are designed to operate without clogging and offers better uniformity compared to the other systems. The system allows reuse of greywater for supplementary garden irrigation and requires minimal maintenance.

Just Water Savers supplies water pumps such as 550 Watt Submersible Dirty Water Pump and 200 Watt Clean Water Pump.

Just Water Savers supplies Submersible Dirty Water Pump with its Home Water Bowser. The pump has an adjustable float switch and is ideal for water reuse applications. The 200 Watt Clean Water Pump is small and convenient to handle but strong enough to empty a full bath in minutes.

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