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Victorian law and the traffic controller

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According to Just Traffic Pty Ltd , the traffic controller has no power under Victorian law, with the legal authority resting with the STOP sign when it is displayed to drivers.
Just Traffic Pty Ltd is a qualified and experienced traffic management provider and supplier of traffic control equipment.
While engaged in construction or maintenance work and when operating a STOP/SLOW bat, the traffic controller is empowered to stop vehicles by displaying a STOP sign. The driver is required to stop the vehicle before reaching the sign and as near as practicable to the sign. The driver must not proceed beyond the sign while it is displayed in the driver’s direction.
The law in this regard only applies to the STOP sign, which is regulatory in nature, and not to the SLOW sign, which is an advisory sign and used for guidance.
Under Victorian law, traffic controllers have no authority to control or direct traffic by hand signals alone or by giving oral instructions to drivers. They are required to use the STOP sign with hand signals employed only to enhance the use of the STOP/SLOW bat.

In the event that the vehicle fails to stop on displaying a STOP sign, the traffic controller may report the vehicle and the driver to the police.

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