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Just Traffic Pty Ltd  specialises in providing traffic controllers and traffic management services.

Traffic controllers are commonly employed in Victoria, especially at hazardous roadside worksites to ensure worker safety, public convenience and management of traffic around the site.

Accredited traffic controllers are responsible for the safety of fellow workers and road users while minimising risk at the worksite. They are also authorised to manage traffic as well as take suitable measures to implement instructions.

Accredited traffic controllers have the authority to:

  • Legally stop/slow traffic using a STOP/SLOW bat
  • Use hand signals to advise traffic in conjunction with the STOP/SLOW bat
  • Report to the police, any motorist who fails to follow reasonable instructions
Accredited traffic controllers have the following responsibilities:

  • Safety of the traffic controller
  • Safety of fellow workers
  • Safety of motorists and other road users
  • Enabling works at the site to be conducted safely by minimising the risks associated with traffic movement
  • Controlling traffic in a professional manner to enable drivers to negotiate through, past or around the worksite safely
  • Ensuring the indication given to traffic is consistent with the display provided by the traffic signals
  • Maintaining traffic control in emergencies and other difficult situations
  • Minimising delays to traffic

Traffic controllers are required to complete a formal training program before undertaking traffic management responsibilities on a public road. All traffic controllers are required to obtain a valid Statement of Attainment in ‘Control Traffic Using Stop/Slow Bat’, and attend a refresher course every three years.

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