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Just Traffic Pty Ltd  lists out the four important conditions that must be in place prior to the traffic controller commencing work with the STOP/SLOW bat.
The four conditions include:

  • The maximum speed allowed for approaching traffic is 60 km/h
  • The traffic controller must have an escape path
  • The traffic controller should be separated from the worksite by 30 metres or more
  • The traffic controller must have sight distance to the approaching traffic of more than 1.5 times the approach speed of the traffic to enable adequate braking distance for the slowing traffic

Traffic controllers must ensure, prior to stopping traffic that they are standing on the kerb or shoulder, clear of the travelled path. Even if the site conditions obstruct view of the worksite, the traffic controller must be in clear view of the oncoming traffic.
It is also important for the traffic controller to look for a suitable gap in the traffic prior to stopping the vehicles. The STOP bat should be extended high over the carriageway at an angle of approximately 45 degrees so that the STOP sign is facing approaching traffic. After ensuring all traffic has stopped, and with the bat extended and STOP sign clearly visible to approaching traffic, the traffic controller may step onto the carriageway and walk to a position in front of the driver.
If the traffic controller has stopped a large vehicle and visibility to approaching traffic is obstructed, the traffic controller should project the STOP/SLOW bat out past the stationary vehicle for other drivers to see as they slow to a stop.
Before allowing traffic to proceed at the conclusion of the stopped period, the traffic controller must check that the road ahead is clear, move over to the side of the road, turn the bat to display SLOW, and with the free hand give the signal for traffic to proceed.
Just Traffic Pty Ltd is a qualified and experienced traffic management company providing traffic control services as well as a wide range of traffic control equipment.

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