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Class 1 traffic management signage from Just Traffic keeps workers and motorists safe

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Just Traffic Pty Ltd  is a major supplier of Class 1 traffic management signs designed to create a safer workplace for employees, and ensure a safer journey for motorists.

Work Safe Victoria specifies the need for visible traffic management signage on roads to alert motorists about worksites ahead. The Worksite Safety – Traffic Management Code of Practice stipulates that signs used after 1 July 2005 should comply with Australian Standards AS 1742.2 2002.

AS 1742.3, the Australian Standard Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices states that ‘retroreflective material used on traffic management signs for road works shall meet at least the requirement for Class 1 material as specified in AS/NZS 1906.1 (Clause 3.2.d)’.

Retroreflective material

Retroreflective surfaces of traffic management signs send a high proportion of light back to the viewer instead of scattering it.

Class 1 material

Before a traffic management sign can be labelled a particular class, specific measurements of the material are required to determine if it meets AS 1906 with respect to properties such as:

  • Reflectivity
  • Day and night viewing
  • Shrinking or creasing
  • Performance in the rain, and environment
Compliance requirements for traffic management signs

Traffic management signs must comply with AS 1906.1 for Class 1 material.

How to identify compliant traffic management signs

Many retroreflective signs gain their reflectiveness by using glass beads. A Class 1 traffic management sign will for instance, have the glass beads arranged in a uniformly shaped pattern such as a hexagon.

Multi-message signs

The need to use Class 1 traffic management signage extends to corflute inserts for multi-message traffic management signs.

Just Traffic is a qualified and experienced traffic management company and supplier of Class 1 traffic management signs.

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