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Moisturising cream from Jungle Brolly

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Jungle Brolly  specialises in the development of a range of a range of unique and effective natural products and remedies. Jungle Brolly also partners with a number of reputed global health consultants and pioneers in modern technologies to develop its line of natural products. Jungle Brolly partners with reputed pharmaceutical research companies like Smith Naturals and Bio-Botanica a reputed manufacturer of botanical extracts to develop its range of natural solutions.

The HandShield developed by Jungle Brolly is a breakthrough natural product that helps create a moisturising shield that protects the skin of the user. There are a number of industries and applications where the HandShield can be safely used. Some of these industries and applications are domestic and homes, cooking, cleaning, renovating, babies (like nappy rash), service industries, hair dressing salons, flight attendants, catering industry, chefs, kitchens, construction and home maintenance, pest control, plumbers, electricians, builders, painters, fibreglass and insulation installers, pool maintenance, commercial cleaners and garbage collectors.

The HandShield can also be used by medical professionals, nurses and dental nurses, hospital patients, laboratory assistants, automotive and manufacturing, ship yards, transport drivers, petrol station attendants, mechanics, panel beaters and metal workers.

The HandShield lotion from Jungle Brolly is composed of Dimethicone, deionised water, white oil, fragrance, aloe vera, jojoba oil, glycerine (vegetable) and triclosan. This moisturising cream is completely safe for use by persons of any age.

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