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Purging made easy using Aquasol EZ Purge

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article image The Aquasol EX Purge system.

A cost and time saving alternative to traditional purging systems is now available.

Conventional purge dams such as inflatable rubber bladders, rubber gaskets or cardboard discs traditionally must be placed far from the weld zone.

Remote placement of the purge dams may require large amounts of inert gas to be introduced to fully purify the weld zone, making the use of the conventional purge dams labour intensive and cost prohibitive.

To overcome this problem, the assembly of water-soluble purge dams was introduced.

The greatest advantage of water-soluble purge dams is that they can be placed in close proximity to a weld zone, then dissolved with water or steam introduced through the pipe.

Less inert gas is used and the purging process is simplified and expedited.

Available from Junction Tool Supplies Pty Ltd , EZ Purge is a patent pending, pre-formed, self-adhesive cone that does not require any cutting or forming.

Both Aquasol products are used to dam Argon or Helium gases during Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding of steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper nickel or aluminium pipes and sect.

The product was launched at the International Welding Fair in Germany last year. It is particularly suitable for the brewery and pharmaceutical industries.

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