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Filling plugs and inclined flanges from Jove Australia

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The Mintor range from Jove Australia includes Filling Plugs, Filling and Draining Plug with Breather, Drain Plugs, Inclined Flange, Breather Plus On Inclined Flange, Magnetic Plug, Filling Plugs on Inclined Flange, Visual Level Indicators, Level Indicators with Level Dipstick, Visual Level Indicators with Float System and Vertical Visual Level Indicators. Poultry processing includes Feedline and Drinker Line Raiser.

Filling plugs from Jove Australia include female threaded plug and female threaded plug with breather. The female threaded plug is a plug with internal thread in tempered hardened light alloy, which is used on sleeves with male thread applications. The filling plug is available with different wordings. The female threaded plug with breather is an aluminium plug with an inside thread and breather pipe. The plug is ideal for large tanks.

Inclined flanges are made of aluminium and are supplied with washers and screws for receiving different types of filling, filling with breather, breather filling and level dipsticks. Magnetic plug is made of tempered, hardened alloy and is ideal for high rpm machinery.

Visual level indicator is a polyamide transparent inspection window which is not affected by high or low temperatures. Filling plug with dipstick is a hex head threaded plug with built in dipstick. Filling plug is available in a wide range of minimum and maximum notches and lengths.

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