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Powder coatings and primers from Jotun Australia

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Jotun Australia  specialises in providing latest coatings technology to solve corrosion problems in the marine industries. Jotun Australia manufactures environmentally friendly coatings and uses high technology plant and equipment to ensure finest quality standards and product consistency. Jotun Australia provides technical assistance and coating recommendations in the areas of mining, smelting, chemical, petrochemical, offshore, water, sewerage and similar types of industries where corrosion problems are faced.

Multicolor Tinting System from Jotun Australia provides unlimited shades of colours. Through Multicolor Tinting System, colour shades can be tinted for interiors in oil and water based paints.

For marine coatings, Jotun Australia offers sophisticated products which effectively prevent corrosion and fouling on marine vessels. Fouling release coatings ensures that any fouling attached to the vessel's hull, rudder or propeller is quickly removed while the vessel is in motion.

Jotun Australia offers a wide range of TBT-free antifouling which are designed to suit various needs. A shopprimer is a quick drying material which is applied as a thin film to a metal surface. This primer is used to give protection before and after fabrication.

Powder coatings from Jotun Australia are designed to meet various demands of architectural, functional and industrial market segments. Powder coatings are engineered to cover a wide range of areas from domestic appliances to pipelines through rebar coatings and aluminium extrusions.

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