Compact, High Precision Electric In-Line Actuators from Jortec


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Concens actuators from Jortec provide high precision in the control of movements as well as reliability. Concens actuators small dimensions and compact design means they can be integrated into a number of environments where other actuators can’t.

Compact and powerful in-line actuators

  • Very small dimensions and elegant design
  • High efficency DC industrial motor 12V/24V with planetary gear
  • Stroke lengths from 50 - 750 mm
  • Load capacity up to 2200 N con35, 4500 N con50
  • Speed at maximum load from 3 to 33 mm/s con35, 4 to 70 mm/s con50
  • Made of powder coated steel
  • IP 66S protection class
  • Front and rear brackets in PA or alu with or without clevis

In-line actuator for a range of industrial and mobile applications

  • Only actuator on the market designed to be capable of continuous operation
  • A strong alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic solutions, because they are stable, powerful and easy to control
  • Far cheaper in purchase and operation than an equivalent hydraulic system
  • Compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems the total efficiency is many times higher

Jortec also supply actuators in stainless steel with a waterproof construction so that the application options are broadened to the wet food industry, marine and off-shore industry. 

Concens actuators from Jortec provide high functional value and simple operation. All Jortec actuators are available with a variety of options and customised design.

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