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Harp Screens available from Johnson Screens

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Johnson Screens was founded in 1904 by Edward E. Johnson after he invented the world’s first continuous slot wire wrapped well screen. 

Now, Johnson Screens completes its screen media range with a comprehensive variety of woven wire screen cloths. Harp screens in particular, screen at double the rate of the equivalent aperture woven wire. They are used for difficult-to-screen materials, where blinding and pegging make screening with square mesh difficult.

Until now harp screens have been only available on mobile screening plants. Now, with the introduction of Symphony Wire’s Cross Harp, harp screens can now be fitted to any side-tensioned vibrating screen, without modification to the screen body.

Some of the advantages of Harp Screens include:

  • Increased  productivity.
  • They make screening of sticky and damp materials possible, where screening with a woven mesh would be impossible.
  • Increased open area, up to 90 percent
  • No cross wires, therefore no corners for fines to build from
  • Smaller diameter wires than mesh, so less surface area for fines to adhere to
Cross harp wire screens (piano screens) are made up of single strands of straight, highly tensioned wire, connected at either end of the screen with a sheet metal hook. Spacer strips sit over the top of capping rubbers to maintain correct aperture. This produces a long, uninterrupted slot between the capping rubbers.

Benefits of the cross harps include:

  • Cross harps increase productivity — more tons per hour for each square foot of screen area than any other screen surface
  • Cross harps make screening of sticky and damp materials possible where, screening with a woven product would be impossible — you could be screening a product no one else has been able to offer
  • Cross harps allow screening at smaller apertures than would otherwise be possible when screening difficult materials - your product could be of better quality than your competition or worth more per ton

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