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Multi-media network controller

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article image Big features in a small package.

JOHNSON Controls has introduced the FX Master Display, a multi-media network controller of the FX platform.

Designed to provide big building automation features in a small package, the unit provides a number of benefits for smaller applications.

The FX Master Display monitors and interacts with a network of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and/or refrigeration (HVAC/R) controllers to make up a complete building or equipment control system and provides operating data to local and remote users and operators through varying media options.

The FX Master Display has an integral graphic display, with a number of operating keys and indicators that present data to the user in a standard or customised way, to view and acknowledge alarms, display historical and trend data and to override the operation of the monitored equipment.

The unit has an embedded web server which allows the user to access data from a web browser or through direct connection to the FX Master Display. The user can acknowledge alarms and send commands to the controlling devices, all with user identification and password control on the web page.

The FX Master Display can also send alarm messages via email, short message services (SMS) to a mobile phone, by fax and to a printer for a local record of events as these occur.

The FX Master Display is freely programmable, using the FX Tools 2 software package.

Functions include centralised control and management of distributed applications, as well as the display communication features.

Some models of the FX Master Display are also available with LonWorks(r) interface for the monitoring and integration with LonWorks networks.

As with other devices in the FX platform, the FX Master Display is available Australia-wide through the company's ABCS program of accredited specialists.

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