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WatchDog cellular alert systems from John Morris Scientific

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WatchDog cellular alert systems available from John Morris Scientific are designed to alert growers via their mobile phone when the temperature exceeds a set temperature range.

Available in two models, the standard WatchDog cellular alert systems dial a customer-provided basic cell phone, while the Cellular Alert Pro includes a GSM cellular module to place calls as well as send text messages. A pay-as-you-go phone or SIM card is recommended for both models.

Measuring about the size of a lunchbox, WatchDog cellular alert systems can be configured to provide alerts for impending frost, bud kill, heater failure or other concerns.

Spectrum Technologies received an AE50 Award for their new WatchDog cellular alert system. The prestigious AE50 Award is presented to the top 50 new product innovations in the world designed for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries to save time, costs and labour for producers while improving user safety.

Spectrum products are exclusively distributed by John Morris Scientific within Australia, New Zealand and the Island of Western Pacific.

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