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article image Vacuubrand’s Pirani VAP 5 desktop unit.

THE Vacuubrand series of measurement instruments available from John Morris Scientific offers a wide variety of gauges and controllers in the range of atmospheric pressure down to about 10-3 mbar.

They include battery and line powered, as well as electronic, analogue and digital equipment. The range offers a wide choice of technical and economical instruments to suit most applications.

Gauges from the DVR range (including DVR2, 3, 4, 4S & 5) offer reliability and long-time stability due to the alumina ceramics transducer.

All have a digital and analogue display for precise read-out and clear trend indication. Most are battery-operated and offer high flexibility in their application.

The DVR 5 has a separate gauge head, and allows remote measuring and network capability. Of particular significance for all gauges are the user selectable pressure units mbar, torr or hPa.

The DVR range is the best choice for the range from atmospheric pressure to 0.1 mbar, where mercury gauges or mechanical gauges create problems in reliability, read-out and lifetime.

It is recommended that the Pirani gauge VAP 5 be used together with rotary vane pumps down to 10-3 mbar. It offers digital and analogue display, as well as electronic scale conversion at the user's request.

The VAP 5 is a desktop unit but also can easily be mounted to a standard lab support system.

Vacuubrand operates an approved DKD calibration laboratory, so vacuum gauges in the measuring range of 1000 to 10-3 mbar can be calibrated to fulfil the major demands of DIN ISO 9000 and DIN ISO 10012.

The vacuum measuring equipment is traceable to national standards.

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