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ThalesNano O-Cube flow reactor now available from John Morris Scientific

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Available now from John Morris Scientific , the new flow reactor from ThalesNano, the O-Cube, has been specifically designed to take the risk out of ozonolysis and other low temperature reactions.

The O-Cube flow reactor enables chemists of any level to safely perform ozonolysis in a laboratory environment while achieving the same results.

The O-Cube flow reactor works by combining a continuous-flow of substrate with ozone (generated from an in-built ozoniser) at temperatures between room temperature and -20ºC. The ozonide reaction intermediate is combined with an oxidative or reductive quench reagent under cooling to generate the required product.

The product elutes from the reactor in minutes for quick analysis. The ozone production may be turned off, so that other low temperature reactions may be performed.

The O-Cube flow reactor has a range of advantages, including:

  • safety - the ozonide is generated and then quenched continuously
  • selectivity - the residence time of the substrate in the reactor can be very precisely controlled, enabling the user to target a specific product
  • simplicity - the system automatically controls the delivery of ozone giving true “walk-away” functionality.

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