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Sputtering Targets and Sources from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific  are pleased to introduce Kurt J. Lesker’s range of Sputtering Targets and Sources. Sputtering Deposition removes atoms/molecules from a solid target surface and transfers them onto a substrate surface under vacuum conditions. This process is used for coating optical films, architectural glass, semiconductors, medical instruments and other precise, thin-film applications.

Kurt J. Lesker’s sputtering targets deliver the purity, density and homogeneity needed for superior results, in any material size or configuration. The sputtering targets come in a range of shapes (circular, planar, rectangular, delta, ring and conical) and sizes (discs up to 24”, rectangles up to 120” long and 0.01” – 3” thick). Over 150 different pure materials are available, from Aluminium to Zirconium Oxide.

Kurt J. Lesker also offer a target bonding service which ensures the efficient thermal transfer and electrical conduction needed for high-power sputtering. 

Kurt J. Lesker’s Sputtering sources deliver exceptional target utilisation, superior deposition rates and outstanding film uniformity. They are available in a range of sizes (2” and 3” diameter) and mounting configurations.

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