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Spectrum’s Weather Stations available from John Morris Scientific

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With increased consumer scrutiny composting facilities have been forced to monitor odour control in surrounding areas.

Many of Australia’s huge composters have installed onsite monitoring and recording stations for wind and temperature, so that complaints can be verified against prevailing conditions to establish whether indead odours have originated from easy targets.

Spectrum’s new Weather Stations offer an affordable solution to help monitor these parameters.

Weather Stations allow accurate measurements of parameters such as wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity.

The range of weather monitoring stations from Spectrum allow for economical wireless communication options with drive-by data downloading up to 1,000 ft away and real-time data monitoring up to 2 miles away.

Data is stored in safe non-volatile memory, so that multiple PC users can access the station without impacting a master data collection plan.

Select measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes. With a 30 minute interval, 183 days of data is retained on the station.

An enhanced LCD display allows viewing of current conditions, as well as degree day values and daily high/low readings for the past 30 days and confirms station and sensors are performing.

In addition, programmable alarms check all sensors of the chosen type, and both high and low limits can be set to warn if any sensor goes outside a defined band of normal values.

Spectrum Technologies are now being exclusively distributed by John Morris Scientific within Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of Western Pacific.

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