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Spectrum Technologies introduces new soil moisture measurement unit

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article image TDR Series soil moisture measurement unit

Spectrum Technologies has introduced the perfect solution for soil moisture measurement.

Growers are now able to improve irrigation decisions and eliminate guesswork by making precise soil moisture measurements with the new TDR Series.

Based on proven time-domain measurement technology, these portable units accurately measure soil moisture across the full range of soil moisture conditions in regular and high clay soils.

The TDR Series provides two measurement modes. In the volumetric water content mode (VWC), the meter converts a measured electrical signal into percent soil moisture content using an equation valid over a wide range of mineral soils.

In Irrigation mode, the meter displays Relative Water Content (RWC) on a scale of 0 to 100 corresponding to a user-defined upper and lower soil moisture reference level.

Water deficit, the amount of water needed to bring the soil moisture content up to the upper reference level, is also calculated and displayed on the clear LCD interface.

The new TDR Series offers researchers, consultants and growers fast and easy to use soil moisture measurement due to its compact design. In addition, the user can choose between different probe rods to suit the desired depth measurement.

Spectrum Technologies’ products are being distributed by John Morris Scientific .

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