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Spectrum Receives Two AE50 Awards for Light Meters and Micro Stations

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Spectrum Technologies received two prestigious AE50 awards for their new products, the LightScout DLI 100 light meters and WatchDog 1000 Series micro stations.  

The AE50 Awards are presented to the top 50 product innovations from agricultural, food and biological systems industries across the world that contribute to saving producers’ time, costs and labour while improving user safety.  

LightScout light meters allow growers to accurately monitor the daily light integral (DLI) over a 24-hour period.  

The user-friendly instrument runs up to 24 hours at a stretch at the push of a button, displaying measurements every 10 seconds in light intensity and DLI.  

Available in a pack of three, LightScout light meters can be positioned throughout the greenhouse, golf course or crops to receive accurate data of light levels at various times of the day for comparison as well as to assess the effect varying light levels have on plant growth and quality.  

WatchDog 1000 Series micro stations are user-friendly and powerful devices designed to capture, process and store weather history throughout the growing season.  

The micro stations present current and historical weather data, degree-day calculations, and plant disease alerts on location.  

The WatchDog 1000 can be customised with multiple sensor options or pre-packaged Plant Disease, Plant Growth or Irrigation micro stations.  

Spectrum products are exclusively distributed by John Morris Scientific in Australia, New Zealand and the Island of Western Pacific.

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