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Rotational Vacuum Concentrators from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific  has introduced Martin Christ’s Rotational Vacuum Concentrators.

Rotation vacuum concentration (or centrifugical evaporation) is used for evaporation, drying, purification and concentration of liquid samples.

Rotational vacuum concentration is an alternative to distillation systems, rotary evaporators and freeze–drying systems. Distillation systems and rotary evaporators use high temperatures which can damage sensitive samples.

Freeze-drying systems operate at low temperatures and high vacuum levels. Although sublimation (the direct transformation from frozen solid to steam) protects the sample, it is time consuming and the technology rather expensive.

Rotational vacuum concentrators offer a method between rotary evaporation and freeze drying. In rotational vacuum concentration, the sample solvent is evaporated at a low temperature, low pressure and without having to be frozen. There is little thermal strain on the sample, which is important when working with thermally sensitive biological or clinical substances.

The material is rotated at a moderate centrifugal speed of 1.350 to 1.550 min-1. The resulting force prevents the sample from spitting or bumping and reduces the risk of cross contamination if multiple samples are concentrated.

The solvent can be collected for re-use or disposal in either cold traps of the concentrator or emission condensers of the connected vacuum system.

Martin Christ has a range of Rotational Vacuum Concentrators:

The RVC 2-18 CD Mini concentrator is an inexpensive and compact personal concentrator suitable for smaller sample volumes and is often used for DNA/RNA work.

The RVC 2-25 CD is a middle sized, table top concentrator for routine concentration of small to mid size sample volumes. A dedicated HCL version is available for work with strong acids.

The RVC 2-33 CD Maxi concentrator is a multipurpose system for large volumes with practically all types of solvents.

The new RVC 2-33IR is a high performance concentrator for shorter drying times and large volumes. The new product sample temperature sensor has wireless signal transmission which allows precise control and documentation of the sample temperature.

Martin Christ concentrators feature a maintenance-free, hermetically sealed magnetic drive system which prevents hydrocarbon contamination of your sample.

Options include cold traps (2 or 4L) for increased evaporation performance and higher solvent recovery rates as well as automated vacuum control solutions for ideal performance and gentle sample handling.

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