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Cole Parmer supply a complete range of tools, available from John Morris Scientific , to help protect eyes and ears in the workplace and meet OH&S requirements.

Safety Glasses have impact resistant lenses and strong frames for protection against flying particles. A range of styles are available including wrap-around, metal framed, floating lens and laser resistant. Most glasses are adjustable (can be customized to fit your face) and have polycarbonate coated lenses  with 99.9% UV protection. Disposable glasses are also available.

Safety Goggles provide protection from hazards at multiple angles. Most goggles have a wrap-around frame, anti-fog lenses and can be worn over the top of prescription glasses. MonoGoggle XTR goggles are available with a detachable curved face shield. Brands include Futura, Strategy, SellStrom, Stealth and MonoGoggle

Weighted Safety Shields have a wide-angle and provide protection to the front and side. They are made from 3/16’’ thick, clear polycarbonate for protection against splashes and flying debris.

Face Shields provide protection against sparks, slashes and splatters. Four styles are available: The UV-Protective is a full length wrap-around shield which sits away from the face for easy breathing. The SellStrom DP4 is compact and curves to fit facial contours. It protects the face without restricting movement and is available with head-gear. The Double Matrix is available with durable double-crown head gear which is designed to withstand rugged use. The MonoShield (shield and goggles all in one) protects the face and eyes without the need for additional head gear.

Lens Cleaner Towelettes are pre-moistened with an anti-fog and anti-static formula, they can be used to clean plastic, glass or polycarbonate lenses, face shields and goggles

Eyewash are available in a range of styles. Eyewash Stations (primary and personal) contain Eye-Saline solution and can be mounted on a wall or used as a portable unit. Eye-Saline Eyewash solution is available in a 180 oz bottle. Portable Pressurized Eyewashes come with a 8 ft Drench Hose and supplies a supplemental water to the face and body. Eyewash Bowls can be mounted on a wall or pedestal, Faucet-Mount Personal Eyewashes can be easily connected to a standard water tap. The AutoFlow Swinging Eye washer is a spray-head which can be installed beside a sink. Pedestal-Mount Eye/Face Washes deliver a flood of water over a wide area for complete eye and face rinsing. Combination showers contain both an eye wash basin and shower on a pedestal.

Ear Plugs and Ear Muffs protect workers from excessive levels and are available from a range of brands including EAR-Classic, E.A.R, Howard Leight, Moldex and 3M.

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