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Pressure insensitive mass flow controller from John Morris Scientific

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article image MFC pressure insensitive mass flow controller

John Morris Scientific  has introduced MKS’s new pressure insensitive mass flow controller, the MFC.

The MFC offers process reliability and device flexibility for all gas delivery applications.

The MFC includes improvements in functionality and performance to help users in semiconductor and high purity thin film applications increase tool throughput and reduce overall system costs.

Real-time accurate flow control that is insensitive to upstream and downstream pressure disturbances is provided through advanced digital algorithms.

By enabling real-time control of process gas flow, accuracy and repeatability is significantly improved over conventional PID based digital MFC’s resulting in better chamber matching.

The MFC is cost effective for users through several innovative enhancements. To reduce the amount of MFC’s in inventory, users are able to access specific MFC gas calibrations and flow ranges from up to 31 stored gas tables, configuring the MFC straight off the shelf.

The MFC is easy to use, the gas selection and full-scale range can be easily selected by the user via the included web browser.

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