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Portable turbine and diesel fuel analysers from John Morris Scientific

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article image TD PPA portable turbine and diesel fuel analyser

PetroSpec’s new Turbine Diesel Portable Process Analyzer (TD PPA), available from John Morris Scientific provides a complete global analysis of diesel and jet fuel blends in approximately 3 minutes.  

Featuring touch button operation, the TD PPA uses unique infrared analysis to combine both near- and mid-infrared information to evaluate for multiple analytes and physical properties simultaneously.  

The turbine and diesel fuel analysers allow users to monitor product quality, optimise fuel and additive blending, ensure government compliance, verify chain of custody, and minimise transmix and contamination problems.  

PetroSpec’s portable turbine and diesel fuel analysers produce more repeatable and reproducible results than other standard methods. A key advantage of the TD PPA is that it does not require any preparation time, and is rugged enough for laboratory or field use.  

The portable fuel analysers are factory calibrated with a diverse matrix of 600+ fuels developed during independent projects with BP, Shell and Ethyl Corp. Advanced calibration software allows for onsite fuel adaptation suitable for applications in R&D and refinery labs, refinery process units, and catalytic pilot plants.  

Key features of PetroSpec’s turbine and diesel fuel analysers:  

  • Fully automated operation 
  • Test time is only 3 minutes using only 10 mL of sample 
  • No sample preparation required 
  • Low cost, highly accurate mid- and near IR spectroscopic analysis 
  • Simple to operate in the field, laboratory or refinery without technical training 
  • Pre-calibrated instrument   
  • Allows the user to supplement factory settings and customise training instruments to unique or local fuel blends

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