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Polymer solution automatic viscometers from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific presents the new miniPV and miniPV-X polymer solution automatic viscometers recently introduced by Cannon Instrument.  

Featuring roughly the same footprint as an analytical balance (254mm W x 437mm D x 598mm H), the miniPV viscometers deliver automatic sample loading, temperature equilibration, flow time measurement and cleaning of the entire system between measurements. VISCPRO II software is supplied with the viscometers.  

The miniPV polymer solution automatic viscometers offer simple operation:  

  • Sample vial is charged with about 15mL of solution 
  • Vial is positioned in the vial holder beneath the viscometer 
  • Sample platform is raised to the viscometer, initiating the sample loading procedure and subsequent user-specified automatic processes     
The miniPV and miniPV-X automatic viscometers are now available with 10-place auto-samplers. The miniPV-X is chemically resistant to solvent and acids used for polymer characterisation.  

The miniPV-X automates standard and proprietary solution viscosity methods and meets ASTM D2857, D4603, D789, D1243, D1795, USP 911, D4243, SCAN-CM 15:99, ISO 1628, ISO 307, ISO 5351, Tappi T230, and PAPTAC G.24P standards.  

Key features of VISCPRO II software:  

  • Enables complete control of the instrument 
  • Facilitates calibration, data entry, method specification, calculation selection, report formatting and data exporting functions 
  • Reports reduced and inherent viscosity values 
  • Determines intrinsic viscosity by one of two single-point methods, or the Huggins-Kraemer analysis 
  • Supports Mark-Houwink-Sakurada parameters 
  • Optional branching factor for reporting polymer molecular weight 
  • Supports Windows 98/NT/XP

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