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Pen sized refractometer for urine analysis from John Morris Scientific

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Atago have released a new pen sized refractometer for measuring urine specific gravity, available from John Morris Scientific . The PEN-URINE S.G. is ideal for sports coaches, hospitals and OH&S administrators as it is quick and simple to use. 

After pressing the start button, the end of the refractometer should be dipped in the sample and stirred. The refractometer will continue to create measurements until the readings become stable. 

Urine specific gravity (USG) is a laboratory test that measures the concentration of particles in the urine. In clinical pathology USG is commonly used to evaluate kidney function. Athletes and OH&S administrators use USG to ensure individuals consume enough water during strenuous activity.

Urine specific gravity (the concentration of these excreted particles in urine) is generally expressed in grams/millilitre (g/mL). The PEN-URINE S.G, which features automatic temperature compensation (10 - 40oC), has a measurement range of 1.0000 – 1.0600 Urine S.G (accuracy ± 0.0010). A normal specific gravity value ranges from 1.002 to 1.028 g/mL.

The PEN-URINE S.G is water resistant, making it easy and quick to clean by simply rinsing with water.

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