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Nova RF plasma generators available from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific  offer MKS Instruments range of RF plasma generators (Nova, Spectrum, SurePower, Genesis and ACG). RF plasma generators are suitable for high density plasma CVD (HDPCVD), plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD), etching and other thin film applications during the manufacturing of integrated circuits, photovoltaic devices, flat panel displays and data storage devices.

Nova RF plasma generators provide power from 2.5kW to 5.0kW at a frequency of 2MHz. The Nova series offers advanced RF plasma generation and control for low cost and high yield in the most demanding thin film processing applications.

Spectrum RF plasma generators provide power from 1.5kW to 11kW across a range of frequencies (2MHz, 3.2MHz and 13.56MHz) to meet the increasing demands of thin film processing. The spectrum series features high density, good stability, generous power margins and high reliability for lower cost of ownership and improved yield.

SurePower RF plasma generators are the most advanced 13.56MHz generators commercially available. The SurePower series is available with power levels from 3.5kW to 13.0kW. Featuring patented intrinsic power amplifier protection, improved design margins and embedded V/I probe sensors the SurePower is reliable.

Genesis RF plasma generators provide a wide range of power (1.25kW to 5.0kW) across a range of frequencies (13.56MHz, 27.12MHz and 40.68MHz). The Genesis offers field-proven reliability, exceptional stability for high uptime and process yield.

ACG (air-cooled RF generators) provides power from 300W to 600W at a frequency of 13.56MHz. With frequency stability and power accuracy the AGC is an effective solution for most low power applications. The Matchwork line of impedance matching networks improves process repeatability and yield by providing high speed tuning to match the chambers variable impedance to the generators working load.

The V/I Probe RF impedance analyser uses DSP technology to obtain real-time, accurate, user-programmable data on load voltage, current and phase angle. This results in optimised process performance and yield by process endpoint detection, monitoring, deposition thickness and other RF metrology diagnostics.

When the RF generator, the Matchwork and the V/I Probe are used together they form a complete RF delivery system for Closed-loop monitoring and control, providing improved process consistency and higher yield.

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